Monday, 3 October 2011

Hero Character Design: First Ideas

The hero for my story is an Arabian thief from Petra. He is fairly muscular, with rags for clothes. He lives in the slums of the city and struggles to ever find anything worth any value. Until he finds the treasure. This forms a change in him. He finds the set of armour and weapons, along with his bracelet. Also when the magical bracelet is worn it increases Nadir's size in muscles and height, along with power and strength.

Name: Nadir
Height Without Bracelet: 5,9
Height With Bracelet: 6,3
Sex: Male
Hair Colour: Black
Weapons: Dagger, Sword, Magical Bracelet
Armour: Wrist, arm and leg guards. Chest Armour
Clothing Before Bracelet: Tatty Harem pants, vest, keffiyeh (head scarf), sandals, cloak
Clothing After Bracelet: Harem pants, leather boots, keffiyeh, long vest, jacket type cloak, armour and weapons.

During the beginning of the story, Nadir is mistrusting and sly and at the same time a bit of a coward. But when he has the bracelet, he builds from strength to strength and fights his way past his cowardliness and weaknesses. He isn't the smartest, but the bracelet gives him the extra pwers of the gods.

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