Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Character Design With Justin Wyatt: Lesson 3

Today's class covered a wide range of helpful tips to go towards my overall drawing skills. I especially enjoyed gaining Justins experience with regards to the form and shape of my characters.

We were given a choice of famous cartoon characters, and had the task of drawing them in their simplest shapes, without putting in too much detail. The first character i picked was Mr. Incredible. He is a pretty standard, superman type character, however after trying to draw him just on his basic shapes i have realised that getting the basic shapes down for any character is essential.

The first drawing i did was far too quick and i didn't really pay attention to his form or stance, hence why the muscle shapes are in the wrong place and the actual core shapes needed aren't there. The second sketch in my opinion was a lot better, it had all of the key circles and lines, and this helped me to get the body shape a lot more accurate.

The second character i had a go at was Penfold from Dangermouse. Now with this character i had a lot more trouble. I'm not sure if it was due to his clothing, body shape or just his stance. But after both sketches i still felt i could have done better. Especially with his legs, i couldn't get them quite right. However with Justin setting us the task of sketching some structures of our own, im hoping that my drawings will improve.

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