Thursday, 29 September 2011

Mythological Arabian Nights Story Ideas

Story Idea 1:

When an arabian thief steals treasure from an ancient room in the lost city, he thinks he has hit the jackpot with all the riches he desires. However there is one item in the treasure that is more valuable than the rest. A mystical sword which when held becomes more than just an ordinary sword. As he lifts it into the light he is sent into trance where he is spoken to by a ghostly spirit stating that as he has taken something that does not belong to him, he must return the favor to the Gods by taking a quest where he will come across many obstacles to do their dead of returning the sword to its home, which is high upon a mountain top.

As the young thief goes on his quest he makes the unfortunate acquaintance of an old animal (yet to be decided) who does not shut up and just gets in the way. But they somehow form a great friendship. As the two of the carry on the quest across land and sea, the thief gets premonitions of what will happen on the journey had as well as being visited by the ghostly figure in his mind.

Along with his new companion the thief also discovers the sword has given him godlike powers and fighting skills. As the story unravels the audience learn more information behind the swords mystical powers.

Story Idea 2:

On a cold arabian night the king's soldiers have just arrived back from their last attack on a neighboring kingdom where they also retrieved all of its ancient treasure. As the King inspects their findings he comes across a golden shawl, as he examines it, it comes alive and wraps itself around him, pushing deep into his skin and killing him. As the head soldier stands over his body with bewilderment along with the other soldiers and elderly's, the kingdoms sorcerer steps forward claiming that the garment has been cursed.

With this news the soldiers then depart back to their newly controlled city. When they arrive they come across celebration in the streets leading up to the palace. As they confusingly enter into the palace, they head straight for the prince and his advisors to demand an answer of what seems to be the murder of their king.

However it is not the city that have killed the king but in fact its a Gods curse put upon whoever owns the garment. As the prince explains that their curse has been lifted and passed over to them, he states that they must travel far and wide to return the cloth to its home. But the Gods do not want this as they will no longer have any control. So during the quest they will come across all sorts of monsters and dangers.

The head soldier takes up the challenge along with his trusty sidekick. Fighting their way to the garments home.

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