Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Final Script for 'Mythological Arabian Nights'

After speaking with Justin in the third installment of his classes, i have come away knowing the core of my story, all i need to do now is smooth out some of the finer details, which shouldn't be too difficult.

Mythological Arabian Nights

The story follows Nadir, an Arabian thief from the city of Petra. Who has the worst luck in his thieving attempts, until one night he hits the jackpot of finding a hidden passage inside the cities temple. It leads him to a lost city underneath Petra. There he finds a room full of treasure, as he is wading through the gold, jewels and armour, he spots a gleaming bracelet sitting just above the surface of all the gold coins. The bracelet is about the size of his forearm, encrusted with brilliant gems and finished with blinding silver.

As he lifts it up to his face, the light from the passage shines onto the gems and luminates the room, showing all of the wonders. He fills his sack with armour, weapons, coins and jewelry and sneaks back to his slums. There he pulls out the bracelet, his eyes fixated on the amazing object glistening in the light. He unlocks the claps and puts it around his arm, as he closes the lock a bright flash of light fills the area. Standing just before him is a figure dressed in white, unable to see their face as the light is so bright.

The figure tells Nadir that because he is the finder of the bracelet and has put it on, it is he who must embark on a quest to return the bracelet to its true home, at the top of Mount Penglai in China. However he also tells Nadir of the dangers that come with this journey, telling Nadir that Hades himself wants the bracelet, which is Zeus' lost through the war of the God's long ago. If it gets into the hands of Hades, then he could control all of the worlds, above and below.

Before releasing him to the quest he also tells Nadir to go to the top of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia to find his guide, who is an old wise centaur. But when Nadir does get to Bolivia, he finds not such a wise centaur, but an overweight, geriatric lazy one. As they commence the quest over sea, sand, mountain, forest, they are visited by the messenger who they find out is Hermes. Telling them that Hades has sent numerous monsters and beings to stop them and retrieve the bracelet. He also tells them that when worn the bracelet will give Nadir greater size strength and skill, making him almost godlike.

Nadir dressed in his armour found from the treasure along with his centaur guide begin their quest to return the bracelet to the mountains of Penglai.

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