Wednesday, 21 September 2011

High School Revenge Synopsis (Group Project)

At todays meeting we have decided to both attempt a rough synopsis of the show. Now we haven't got any concrete ideas down yet, but hopefully both doing this, we will be able to put the two together and pick out the better parts from each.

High School Revenge Synopsis (1st Draft)

Ever thought the girl at the back of class, that nobody notices could be leading a double life? Well for Stacey Long this was all about to happen.

The shy, quiet, clumsy girl of Westhill High School was the brunt of many pranks and jokes from Jake Dunham (The school bully) and his gang, often humiliating her in front of the whole school. That was all about to change, after that fateful night of 14th October 1948.

Because from then on Stacey was no longer the same helpless, innocent troubled teenager at the back of the class. After four days of absence she returns to school, this time looking a lot stranger and with a very odd washed over look in her eyes. This time when the bullies go to work on her, strange and terrible things start to happen. Starting with one of Jakes cronies jumping in front of a school bus.

At first people assume it to be an accident, but these so called accidents become more frequent. Leading to Jimmy Brian the school newspaper editor investigating the deaths, where he eventually stumbles across Staceys secret!

As more and more deaths occur Jimmy looks to the help of Professor Donald to stop Staceys rampage. After the two men capture Stacey a fight pursues leading to the death of Donald. With Jimmy left can he find a way to stop Stacey?

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  1. Matt,
    There nothing here on the character design project. I need to see your synopsis and character bios asap